The area's cultural and natural sights are attracting the visitors from all around the country. The picturesque scenes and the vivid cultural inheritance make the region at the foot of the Bükk-mountains one of the most beautiful parts of Hungary.


Cultural possibilities in Mezőkövesd:

Matyó Museum, House of Folk Arts and Dance Hall, Kisjankó Bori - House, House of Furinuture-painting and Embroidery, Honey-cake Workshop and Toyhouse, Pottery Workshop, Glass-Grinding, Embroidering Workshop, Region House, Weaving Workshop, Museum of Agricultural Machinery, Town Gallery and School-history Collection.



It is the gem of Hungary, the 'Baroque jewelery-box'. This city is the third most visited in the country, thanks to its ideal location, the picturesque landscapes, the thermal baths, its wine and bathing culture and the hospitality of its citizens. The most famous place is definitely the Castle of Eger, which survived many sieges during the centuries. Inside the walls of the castle lies Géza Gárdonyi, author of the well-known novel The Stars of Eger.

Cultural possibilities in the 15 km far Eger

Kopcsik 'Marcipánia' and Bell-founding House, Lyceum Spekula Observatory, István Dobó Castle Museum, Géza Gárdonyi's House, Palóc Folk Art Gallery, Northern Hungarian Firemen Museum, Exhibition of Hungarian Couches.


The 10 km far Bükk National Park offers - among others - excellent touring routes and several natural reserves. Places for touring: Bogács, Cserépfalu, Bükkzsérc, Lillafüred, Noszvaj, Szomolya, Cserépváralja.